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We are writing to you regarding your access to UL’s Standards Certification Customer Library (SCCL).

Access to SCCL is provided by Underwriters Laboratories to users associated with active accounts receiving conformity assessment or other services from our business solutions affiliate, UL, and which meet specific requirements. Among these criteria is the payment to UL of an Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF). A review was recently performed to determine eligibility which found that your access does not meet these criteria because there is no AMF associated with your SCCL access. As a result, your access has been terminated.

We regret any inconvenience this has caused. However, we must regularly take steps to ensure we protect the intellectual property contained in our documents as well as secure our digital platforms. This also ensures fairness to users who are paying for access to the system and/or purchasing standards documents, as these funds offset the costs involved in developing and maintaining our library of more than 1,700 UL Standards and other documents.

To continue accessing UL’s library of standards and other documents, alternatives may be available that suit your needs. To learn more, please contact us via

Thank you for your patience and understanding. ×